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I am an assistant professor of Latin American cultural studies at Texas Tech University with research and teaching interests in visual culture, Indigenous studies, gender and sexuality studies and the environmental humanities.

I am currently working on two book manuscripts. The first, Vital Forms: Blackness, Indigeneity and the Politics of Life in Colombia
, examines how artists, filmmakers and activist media practitioners have interrogated life as a horizon for racial, sexual and environmental politics in Colombia since the 1990s. My second book investigates the genealogies, limits and afterlives of Latin American post-pornography through critical dialogues with Indigenous artists and writers. 

My articles and interviews have appeared (or are forthcoming) in 
Interventions, the Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies, Journal of Latin American and Latinx Visual CultureRomance Notes, Revista de Estudios Colombianos, and Revista de Estudios de Género y Sexualidades

Examples of courses I have taught include the graduate seminars 
Biopolitics, Necropolitics, Políticas de la Vida and Cultural Studies Beyond the Human: Perspectives from the Plantation Américas, as well as the undergraduate course Picturing Pachakuti: Visual Media and Indigenous Futures in Latin America
During academic years 2023-2025, I am contributing to the development of Texas Tech's Indigenous and Native American Studies (INAS) program as an Expanding the Circle: Indigenous and Native American Studies faculty fellow.

My scholarship is interwoven with my creative work as a visual artist and writer on projects including Corrido Vibrante/Vibrant Currents (with Jorge Hernández Camacho and Criseida Santos-Guevara), a series of audiovisual, poetic and photographic interventions on water and extractivism in the Llano Estacado.

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